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This site is currently closed for lambing or shooting. Flying is off from 21-4-2024 and starts again on 15-10-2024.


Grid Reference: NT 871 347

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The best wind direction for Moneylaws is a true North Westerly, however this seems to be rare on the hill. The hill is flyable from a Northerly to a West North West, at most flyable wind speeds and can be quite thermic in the right conditions.


Height AMSL; 246m Height, Top to Bottom;150m

Road Access

From the south take the A697 up to and through Wooler, it is possible to take the Akeld turn off to check The Bell and Humbleton on route if you wish. It is easier and slightly quicker to continue along the A697 through Milfield before taking the left turn just after the village, if you miss this, no worries continue to the next turn, which is the B6352. If you take the first turn, turn left onto the B6352 at West Flodden, continue along the road, taking the left turn to Thornington. Continue along this road, running alongside Bowmont Water for approximately 2km. There is a farm road on the right marked with the farm name Downham, take this right turn and drive up to the farm. Continue through the farm and take the right turn just after the buildings, running along the back of the cottages to the field gate.


Take Off

Go through the gate at the top of the field to the north into a large hill top field. Take off is anywhere in this field, please be aware of wind strength and the wall down wind, there are also a couple of wooden, metal posts in the field to be aware of.


Landing in most conditions is possible at take off or slope landing on the natural plateau on the hillside. Landing must be made on the hillside and not the fields lower down. There is an option to the west over the west wall in a large flat field.


To access this site we are using two owners land. The access is by the owner of Downham farm and the only restrictions are during lambing. The flying site is owned by Mrs Annett who has horses in the lower fields and exercises them on the hill. Before making the journey you must ring Mrs Annett for permission, if she doesn't answer a polite text message usually works. Generally she allows flying after 1pm. 07720467462. There is a nice ridge for ridge soaring, with good opportunity for side landing and exploring the ridge to both the east and west. There is also a ridge to the north west below the main ridge which you can fly to, but it is rare to be able to fly back. The large flat area looking north to Coldstream produces a very clean wind. In the right conditions the site can be quite thermic and good height gains are possible. The potential for cross country is good, with the hills behind lining up into wind all the way to The Bell at Wooler.


As mentioned above, there is a wall downwind at take off and a number of small obstacles in the field. There are a few rocks and a small rock face in front of take off and a wall to the west to be aware of.


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