NHPC  -   Old Bewick

This site is currently open. It will be closed for lambing or shooting which starts on 1-8-2024. It will open again on 31-12-2024.


Grid Reference: NU 069 206

3 words:


Takes a south to south south westerly


761 ASL

Road Access

Heading north on the A697, through Powburn towards Wooler. At the sawmill turn right onto the B6346, follow this to a T junction and turn left. This road will bring you to a large stone barn on your right and a row of cottages situated beneath Old Berwick.


At the side of the barn and walk up the track by the cottages, Alternatively follow the track passed the cottages through the gates, the parking area is on the grass to the right of the track. then on foot follow the footpath over the stile and up the hill. 4x4's may drive further up the track and cut back in order to top drive the site.

Take Off

On the hill top follow path along the face, look out for a second world war pillbox, the take off is a few yards further on.


Top landing is the flat area just after the tree plantation, Bottom landing a small rectangle of grass to the left of the stream and right of the foot bridge. The field under the face is ok for para gliders.


Hang gliding this site is for the very experienced only, due to the limited bottom landing, care needed with rocks if slope landing, can be turbulent in high winds, if the wind is off to the south Titlington pike may be a better site.


Power lines by road, watch out for rocks if slope landing


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NHPC   -   Old Bewick