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This site is closed. Please do not fly this site. Further information will be posted as soon as possibel.


Grid Reference: NU 026 155

3 words:


West to Northwesterly


817ft amsl

Road Access

Take the A697 to Powburn. Immediately north of Hedgley service station take the left turn into the Breamish valley, go past the caravan site and on to the small hamlet of Branton. Bear right in Branton and after 300 yds continue straight on, signposted no through road, the hill is on the right.


Continue up the road to the farm, bearing right at the first cottage, drive through the yard and around the back of the large sheds, turn right at top of the track through the gate, follow this track to the brow of the hill, parking on the right. When parking at the top park well back from the edge on the flat area (right side of the track) so your car cannot be seen from either side of the valley. As requested by Mr Telfer, the farmer here.

Take Off

To get to the ridge involves a short walk, head for the gate between to tree plantation, take off on snail or west hill depending on wind!


Bottom landing at the foot of snail hill before fawdon burn, Ok for paragliders but tight for hang gliders. There is a larger field across the burn but this slopes uphill! Top landing is possible with practice, also landing near the parking area is possible but beware you have to clear the power lines and trees.


Snail hill has a steep west north west facing slope which offers good soaring, West hill offers flying in a more westerly direction. In strong winds it's possible to launch from the col between Snail and West hill.


If top landing take care because the area is small and it's possible to get blown back in strong winds. If flying back to the cars make sure you have enough height to clear the trees and power lines, site conditions can change quite quickly as wind strength increases


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NHPC   -   West Hill