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This site is currently open. It will be closed for lambing or shooting which starts on 1-4-2025. It will open again on 29-4-2025.


Grid Reference: NU 078 226

3 words:


Best wind direction Due west but will take a bit off to the south and north. This site can be flown in very light winds due to a very steep ridge.


Top to bottom 260ft 700asl

Road Access

Drive through Old Berwick (small farm stead) aprox 1Km there will be a sign for Berwick folly turn right onto the track and drive 600m to the farm. On entering the farm yard bear right, see the new parking instructions below.


Please note the new parking instructions for Hepburn Wood. At the request of the farmer please do not park in front of the cottages as we have in the past. Bear right on the approach to the farm, go through the double gates (with the no entry sign). There are some large sheds in front, park by the hedge on the left.

Take Off

Paragliders best to take off on the south side of the hill because at the top there is not much room and there is a fence only 20m behind take off ! plus there is strong acceleration near the edge of this hill ! Hanggliders can take off from the top or the lower lip (south side)


There are two large grass fields at the bottom of the hill, one in front of the woods and the other on the left side off the woods. The field on the left is a bit tight for the hanggliders


Good soarable ridge with good ridge lift, can be very thermic and sometimes turbulent if the wind veers off to the north. Beware of sea breezes, this site is only 10miles off the coast and can catch you out ! if you are in the right place at the right time you may get into the convergence and have a great flight !


Very steep face with large rocks dotted about. Rotor has been found when top landing so best to top land over to the south side Beware of the fence only 20m behind take off if you decide to walk to the top Bottom landing there is a large forest at the bottom of the hill stay well left when landing at the bottom of the hill as to avoid turbulence from the woods


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NHPC   -   Hepburn Wood