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Grid Reference: NU 086 158

3 words:


South westerly


746ft amsl

Road Access

From the A1 take the A697 north, approximately 8 miles past Longframlington take the right turn to Eglingham by a bungalow, this takes you down a steep hill, a climb up then under a old railway. At the T junction turn right and drive approximately 1/4 mile, your looking for a gate on the left


Parking on the verge or top drive to the mobile phone mast 4x4 only

Take Off

Follow the path along the face to find a spot free of heather


The field under the face slopes away is ok for paragliders, Hanggliders land around the corner to the right well back from the road. Be careful the ground rises up on the down wind leg! you can also land over the trees to the north west but only in the grass fields if you have enough height. There is a good flat top landing area.


There is often strong compression at the front of the face, it can also be turbulent in strong winds or if off to the south. The site can produce some good flying xc to the coast is possible.


Keep away from the trees and mobile phone mast if low, Hang glider pilots don't leave it too low for the bottom landing field.


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NHPC   -   Titlington Pike