NHPC  -   Clennel Hill

This site is currently closed for lambing or shooting. Flying is off from 1-4-2024 and starts again on 14-5-2024.


Grid Reference: NT 928 076

3 words:


Southerly & South. S. East (do not fly if wind off to the s west rough as hell)


1000ft asl 300ft top to bottom

Road Access

Rothbury road into Alwinton aprox 300m from village there is a small bridge over the river, turn right just after the bridge and continue to Clennel, drive past Clennel (on the right) and you will come to a fence at the foot of the hill. Drive through the five bar gate and park on the hill side near the fence or drive up the 4x4 only track. Its very steep near the top so you will need dry conditions.


Take Off

Any where at the top, do not be tempted to walk too far along the top (eastwards) you will come to a fence, Stop ! you can't take off over the fence (no permission)


On the hill side or near the five bar gate the bottom (hill side). Any where on the top if top landing.


Good soarable ridge 2k long, can be very thermic and also has wave now and then. Be careful when flying East of the site, this is called Silverton hill and we don't have permission to fly there anymore ! the farmer will charge you £10 if caught.


Top landings do not get blown back near take off (if you do your buggered) grass covered slope with rock scree scattered. There is a large wood halfway down the slope, beware of the rotor behind the woods. Bottom landing keep well away from the river its fast flow most of the time.


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NHPC   -   Clennel Hill