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Before flying the hill, please contact Jim Burston 07816148801 via Watsap for permission and post his response on the NHPC chat to prevent multiple contacts.

Grid Reference: NT 908064

3 words:


The best wind direction for Lords Seat is a Southerly


Height AMSL; 320m Height; Top to bottom; 130m

Road Access

From the south take the A697 towards Wooler. At present the B6344 to Rothbury is closed but is due to open later in the year, if the road is open take this to Rothbury. Until the road opens follow the diversions to Rothbury. From Rothbury take the B6431 towards Thropton, continue through Thropton to a left hand bend in the road at Flotterton, here take the right hand fork in the road towards Harbottle and on to Alwinton. Continue through Alwinton for about 1km, Lords Seat is on the right hand side of the road.


Take Off

The steep face of the hill gives way to a gently sloping grass covered area. Take off anywhere in this area.


Top landing and side landing are very safe options in most soarable conditions. Landing at the bottom of the hill is possible next to the gate. It is also possible to land in the fields across the road, but please be aware of livestock and do not land in fields with livestock in.


Lords Seat is a nice hill for ridge soaring with a neighbouring slopes to jump along to depending on the wind direction. Please be aware that the military ranges start approximately 3km to the west and just across the valley to the south. Lords Seat is south facing and can be very thermic in the right conditions. The potential for cross country flying is good, but please be aware that the natural track will take you over Kidland Forest and then over Cheviot, some very remote and high ground.


Be aware of fences and power lines near the base of the hill, also the extent of the military ranges.


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