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Grid Reference: NT 719 047

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Best wind direction is South West, although there is a short section of the hill that will take a westerly, even round to a north westerly, though I am not sure if it has ever been flown in that direction.


Height; 475m AMSL Top to bottom; 200m

Road Access

Lumsden Law is to the east of the A68, Newcastle to Jedburgh road, just past the scenic Catclough Reservoir when heading north, 4km south of Carter Bar, the boarder with Scotland.


From the south, pass Catclough Reservoir on the left heading north, approximately 1km north of the reservoir is a layby on the right hand side of the road. From the north, cross the English / Scottish border at Carter Bar and continue down the hill for about 4km to the layby which is on the left. Please park considerately.

Take Off

At the southern end of the layby is a well-defined path leading up the hill. Follow the path through the old quarry workings and onto the flatter section of the hill. The ground is short grass, the further up you go the flatter the hill top becomes. Take off anywhere on the flatter section in light winds or lower down as the wind picks up, though this is not advisable, see notes on safety.


Land anywhere at the bottom of the hill, before the road. There are landing options on the far side of the road, but please be aware that this is a busy road with fast moving traffic. If the lift is strong, landing to the north of the hill is a safe option. Top landing is possible in all flyable conditions as the top has a large flat safe area. Please note there are power cables running across the landing area.


Lumsden Law has not been flown regularly since the 1980s when there were a number of incidents both with hang gliders and paragliders. There were reports of severe turbulence and 'unusual lift' The site has been flown in 2014 and 2015 in quite strong winds on paragliders, neither flights reported turbulence but the lift was quite strong. Please be aware if you fly this site to make a thorough site assessment, there is a B plan to the north and the top landing option is quite safe. There is good potential for ridge soaring and hill hopping both to the north and south with spectacular views. Cross country potential is excellent, though a dedicated retrieve is suggested as the first 40km takes in some very remote countryside.


There are power cables supported by wooden posts running across the landing field. A busy and very fast road at the bottom of the hill. Potential for turbulent conditions.


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