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Grid Reference: NY 659 338

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The best wind direction to fly Cross Fell is in a W.S.W But the main take off (High Cap 1700 Feet a.s.l) (518 Meters) will take winds ranging from a southerly (With caution) threw south west around to the westerly corner.


The main take off High Cap is 1700 feet a.s.l (518 Meters) The summit of Cross Fell at 2930 ft (893 meters)

Road Access

Approaching from the north over Hartside Pass head for Melmerby, Skirwith, and finally Kirkland. Turn left at Kirkland church driving very slowly passed the houses (Children playing) and farms.


There is a parking place on the left just passed cottages where you must park if your vehicle is a non 4x4. There is a fair walk to take off from this point. 4x4 vehicles can proceed with care to the top of High Cap parking well back and out of sight. The track is extremely rough towards the top so most pilots park at the bottom of High Cap and walk from there.

Take Off

The main take off is on the top of High Cap but if there is sufficient wind you can take off lower down at your own discretion.


Most of the fell side is slightly sloping so take care not to approach landing with too much height or you will continue to glide. Landing is usually where the cars are parked on the corner of the track. If your car is parked at the bottom of the track in Kirkland it makes sense to glide as far as you can towards the bottom fields which are flat but full of rocks and often sheep. Use good judgement when picking your spot.


Cross Fell is a "Fantastic" soaring site rising up to almost 3000 ft a.s.l. Exercise great caution if the wind is on the fresh side as the wind gradient between the top of High Cap and Cross Fell can be great and you may find problems penetrating. Keep well out in front of the hill away from the gradient. As mentioned above the site can be flown in a southerly wind around to a westerly wind. Only fly the southerly corner in very light winds as the rotor from the upwind ridge (Wild Boar Scar) can be very dangerous. All other wind direction are safe. The ridge is miles long and you can have a fantastic day exploring from Hartside to the north down to High Cup Nick in the south in the right conditions. Continuous site assessment must be made and expect severe turbulence if you fly low behind any hillocks pikes or obstacles. For pilots wishing to fly cross country down wind of the Cross Fell range consider it is a vast wilderness with few roads.


As mentioned above strong wind gradient this is classed as a mountain site. Taking off High Cap on the south side can be extremely turbulent because of the high ground upwind. Heading north towards Melmerby Bowl lies Man at Edge and Cuns Fell. Do not fly low over this part of the ridge either fly upwind or have considerable height above them as they can produce extreme turbulence.


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